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What is Baccarat? How to play? Which reputable bookie should play this card game at? A series of questions related to this “national” card game are raised from the players. To help you get the answers to these questions, the AE888 bookie would like to give you full answers in the article below.

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Baccarat is also known as Scratch cards in Vietnam. This game is played with a 52-card deck and belongs to the indispensable card game at the Casino. Even, Baccarat is always the number 1 choice of many brothers when they first set foot in the casino. Therefore, the game is also known with a very affectionate name, which is “National card game”.

When participating in the Baccarat table at AE3888, players will have 3 options: the dealer wins, the player wins or the two sides tie. Then the dealer will deal 2 cards to 2 players (Player) and Banker (Banker). If the player bets correctly on the hand with a score close to or equal to 9, then you win.

In some cases, when calculating the total of 2 cards, the dealer must apply the 3rd card rule. In this way, the new house will correctly determine the winning and losing result for the participants. To understand more details about the game of Baccarat, we will share more in the 789BET house section below.

To play basic Baccarat, you need to play and follow the step-by-step instructions that we share below.

Players after accessing the home page of Venus Casino, players click Register AE888, then the Baccarat table interface appears, you will do the betting task. Thereby the player, will place a suitable amount in 1 of 3 doors, that is:

After placing the bet, the dealer will deal the cards. Thereby, they will deal 2 cards to Banker and Player respectively. If the Player has a total score of 5-0, he can draw 1 more card and the Banker has a total score of 0-2, he draws 1 more card. Besides:

Thus, the dealer will base on the total score of 2 cards to apply the rule of drawing a 3rd card. In case of having or not drawing a 3rd card, the dealer will also calculate the total score to determine victory or defeat for each card. player. The scoring rules are as follows:

Thus, the player who bets on the door with a score close to or equal to 9 will be counted as winning. Thereby, you will receive the winnings according to the odds that the house offers.
A prestigious address to play Baccarat

Currently, most of the online bookies on the net offer Baccarat games for you to experience. However, you should only play at reputable playgrounds with the following characteristics:

The bookies are legal and licensed to do business properly for players. Usually, bookies with international origins will ensure this criterion. Thereby, the bookies originating in Vietnam will often be an illegal playground.

The house is meticulously invested in the experience interface for players. Looking at their website, you can see the professionalism and prestige of the bookie.

The house offers the game Baccarat which is played live and has the best dealer. This further ensures transparency and fairness for players.

The house has professional customer care service and answers all players’ questions accurately.

The bookie is committed to security and building a maximum encryption system for customer information. Can refer to barcarat promotion

So you and we have learned the details of the Baccarat card game and how to play this game? Hopefully, through the article of AE 888, you have learned more about a very famous game at any casino today. When playing Baccarat, do not forget to apply more tips to win comprehensively from this game.

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