A guide to online casino Malaysia

Over the last ten years, the online casino Malaysia has been growing at a very steady rate year over year. This is evident in the number of people involved in playing games at the many online casinos in the country. When covid19 hit the world back in 2020, people were indoors, and many of them opted to play online casino games as a way of spending the free time they had.

This alone led to more growth of casinos in the country. Even now, when the world is slowly going back to normal, hundreds of thousands of people in the country still prefer playing games at online casinos rather than land-based casinos. Getting the best from online casinos requires having some decent knowledge about the games and how to play them.

In today’s article, I will dive deep into the various games offered by online casinos in Malaysia and the simple basics you need to know about each of them.

Slot games

Slot machine games are the most popular games, and you will find them on almost every online casino. Players love slots because of their straightforward rules and basic UI, making them easy to play. Slots are a game of luck, so experience and skills do not matter. With slots, the goal is to have similar symbols line up in a pay line after pressing the spin button.

That essentially means the player’s only input is, selecting how much they want to gamble and pressing the spin button. When they get similar symbols lined up in a Payline, that’s a win for them.  Each of the symbols in the game has an attached value that you can find in the payable. So, before getting started with any slot machine games, interest yourself in the payable to know the value attached to each symbol.

Additionally, slot machine games have a plethora of additional features for players to take advantage of. These bonuses include free spins, which allow the player to spin without placing another bet. If you’re fortunate, you may be able to cash in on a few free spins winnings. Slot machine games also have a jackpot that is always up for grabs for the lucky player of the day.


Just like slots, Roulette is also a game of luck, so you don’t need to have prior experience or skills to win in this game. However, having knowledge of how the game is played and how to place bets will give you a better playing experience. This game is one of the oldest casino games ever to exist. From the 18th century till now, it has remained a favourite among gamblers and is currently available at many establishments.

The game involves a circular wheel demarcated with numbers from 0 to 36. The numerals are split evenly between red and black. The green one is generally zero. The object of the game is to toss the ball and spin the wheel while placing bets on where it will fall on the wheel, whether it be in a certain column or row, or any combination thereof. The betting options include; the correct number, odd or even, the colour of the number, range of the number, and many more. 

You can always choose any betting options based on your instincts; you don’t have to think a lot. The odd for each betting option varies based on the difficulty. For example, predicting the exact number where the ball will land is the hardest, so it has the highest odds.


Unlike slots and roulette, blackjack is one of those few online casino games that require some skill. There are even people who play this game professionally, so you have to know its rules and basic principles before going out to play. In blackjack, gamblers play against the dealer. The goal is to have a hand with cards closest to 21 but not more than 21. 

When the game starts, both the player and the dealer are given two cards; you can either choose to hit it (take another card) or stand (play with the cards you have). If your cards exceed 21, you automatically lose. If you get a 21, that’s the perfect score, which is called the blackjack. However, if the cards are below 21, you will only win if they have more value than the dealer’s cards.


Baccarat is also a game that has some element of luck and skill. In this game, you can bet on either the player, banker, or tie. The goal is to place your bet on a hand that will be closest to nine as possible. The value of each card is determined by its face value, with the exception of tens and faces, which have no value. To get started, place your bet and choose between the three betting options. 

Video poker

This is another popular game and one of the few that depends on skill. With poker, you play against your fellow players, so if you have better skills and experience than them, you will obviously win more often. There are several variants of the game, but the popular ones you will find at most online casinos are Texas hold ’em, 7 card stud, and Omaha. You can check the detailed rules of this game here.

How to start playing

To begin playing, go to your preferred online casino and create an account. Most online casinos will only give you access to the games after creating an account. You should then deposit some money to the casino wallet to get full access to all the games. Some online casinos also have demo games that you can try out before making any deposits.

After depositing money into your wallet, you can now choose a game you would like to play, place a bet and get started playing. I recommend starting with simpler games like slots and roulette. If you get into games that require skills and experience, make sure you read and understand the rules first. Most online casinos also give a 150% welcome bonus, so use it to your advantage.