A Few Rare Sports Betting Strategies

Lineout strategy

The essence of the corridor is that we bet on opposite outcomes, and at least one of them must pass. For example, let’s bet on TO (3.5) and TO (4.5), and the match will end with a score of 3:1. In total, these are four goals, and they just go into the corridor – in this case, we win both bets. There would be a maximum of three goals, there would be a total under, at least four – a total over. It remains only to choose such a bet size so that if we lose one bet, we lose an equally small amount.

Correct Score Betting Strategy (Score-Line, or 1-2-3)
If it was easy before, now you need a little guidance:
We allocate money that we are ready to spend on this strategy, preferably no more than 10% of the bank;
We choose six options for the exact count, which we consider the most probable, make a list: we put the most probable at the top, the least probable – at the bottom;

We put 30% of the allocated amount on the most probable one, 20% each on two options with less chances, and spend 10% on the remaining three.

The bottom line is that the odds on the correct score are high, so the win of one bet can cover the losses of the rest. But the emphasis should be on the first three, the most likely options, because they spend the most money. If we lose several times or catch a victory with 10%, then we will be in the red.

C8 betting strategy

We select eight outcomes and make eight separate accumulators from them, three bets each.

Each outcome must come across in at least three accumulator bets – the higher its probability, the more often it should occur.
Although these are separate accumulator bets, the strategy is called the “C8 system”, since we will go plus if six outcomes pass. But even if there are fewer winning bets, some express will pass, and some of the money will be returned to us – everything is like in systems, although they are still more reliable.

Betting strategy “Total Express”

We choose two matches where the total over and under (for example, 2.5) the bookmaker gives the same odds of about 2. For example, we believe that in both matches there will be a total over 2.5, so we make three parlays and bet the same amount on each:
TB for the first match and TB for the second match;
TB for the first match and TM for the second match;
TM for the first match and TB for the second match.

We can only win one combination, but the bottom line is that in accumulator bets, large odds are obtained (for example, 1.95 × 1.93 = 3.76), so winning one of them will cover the losses of the others and also bring additional profit.

Value Betting Strategy

The odds in bookmaker are affected by how much the bookmaker assessed the probability of an outcome and how much they bet on this outcome: the more money, the lower the odds for this bet, but higher for the opposite one.

Let’s say we analyzed the match well and assessed the team’s victory with a coefficient of 1.33, and the bookmaker gives a coefficient of 1.67 (we believe that the probability of winning is 1÷1.33=0.75, that is, 75%, and in the office it is 60%). It turns out that the bookmaker just gave us an inflated odds.

If we analyze games in detail and look for such value bets, we will earn more than most players. Most often, such bets can be found in unpopular championships that bookmakers do not analyze well, or on very popular matches that many amateurs bet on.

To determine how much to spend on a bet, the Kelly criterion is usually used.

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