A Feast for the Eyes: Six Stunning Sights to See in Dubai 

Dubai is one of the few cities that has the right amount of natural and human-made attractions.

Many of these features, which are popular tourist destinations, are known locally and around the world as the most beautiful and visually unique features they have ever seen.

As such, when you visit Dubai, be prepared to feast your eyes on some of the most eye-catching, spectacular views in the country and even the world.

Dubai’s Most Beautiful Sights to See

If you’re making a list of stunning sights to see in Dubai, put these places on the top of your list:

1.  Festival Bay

Dubai Festival City Mall’s waterfront outdoor dining area provides diners and visitors with lovely views of the Dubai Creek and the city panorama.

The outdoor dining area is also the best place where you can watch IMAGINE, Dubai’s record-breaking laser, light, and water multisensory show.

IMAGINE uses state-of-the-art technology to combine light, water, fire, and laser artistically to create a stunning multisensory and immersive show.

The combination of coloured lights, laser display, pyrotechnics, water screen projections, and dancing water fountains make IMAGINE an unforgettable visual treat to see.

The addition of a surround-sound system allows you to understand the story of each show, which is different every half hour, from seven to eleven in the evening every day.

This spectacular multisensory show is one of the most stunning and unique sights you have to see when you’re in Dubai.

2.  Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the emirate. It is also a place that can give your sense of sight a variety of beautiful views to feast on.

Hop aboard a dhow to traverse the shimmering waters of the creek. Aboard the vessel, you’ll be impressed by the calm blue-green waters, clear enough to see some underwater life.

Throughout your journey, you will also have amazing views of the city’s skyline and architectural wonders, including Dubai’s famous souk.

The variety of dhows navigating the Dubai Creek will delight your sense of sight as well.

Don’t forget to drop by the Dubai Creek Harbour, a new attraction near Dubai Creek. The place boasts of new eye-catching features, including the World Flower Tree, round archways on the waterfront, and the flamingo statues on the promenade with the beautiful creek in the background.

3.  Dubai Miracle Garden

With its hot weather and desert topography, lush gardens and a variety of foliage may be the last things you expect to see here. However, the Dubai Miracle Garden will prove you wrong.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. It is also currently the largest one as it occupies over 72,000 square metres of land with over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants.

Aside from flower beds, trees, and shrubberies, the garden features a variety of plant sculptures and flower installations. Some of the most striking ones are the heart-shaped tunnels, windmills, clocktower, and English-style cottages, all made of natural flowers and other plants.

There is also a flower version of the Burj Khalifa, which is one of the most Instagrammable features in the garden.

Other highlights of the garden include the largest floral aeroplane sculpture shaped and tallest topiary sculpture, an 18-metre-tall Mickey Mouse. Both features have broken world records.

The garden also hosts the Dubai Butterfly Garden, the world’s largest and the MENA region’s first indoor butterfly garden and sanctuary. It currently houses over 15,000 butterflies from 26 different species.

4. Dubai Museum

If you want to see a variety of fascinating displays and learn about the history and culture of Dubai, visit the Dubai Museum.

The Al-Fahidi Fort, which houses the Dubai Museum, is already a sight to behold. This historic fort was built in 1787 with the primary objective of defending Dubai Creek.

It also served as the official home of the ruling family, a seat of government, garrison, and at one time, even as a prison.

Although it underwent several restorations, the fort has maintained its old walls made of traditional coral blocks. As such, it has kept its rustic charm.

When you enter the Dubai Museum, you will be captivated by the exhibition of old maps of the emirate showing its massive expansion after the oil boom.

The courtyard features a number of eye-catching, well-preserved traditional boats and a palm-leaf house with an Emirati wind-tower.

If you want to peruse a variety of traditional weapons, head to the right hall. You will find different Emirati musical instruments in the left hall.

There are also several display halls with exhibits and dioramas featuring different aspects of traditional Emirati life, including the Bedouin desert life and pearl fishing. You can also find various artefacts from the excavated graves at Al Qusais archaeological site.

5.  Dubai Frame

As its name implies, this relatively new attraction replicates a gigantic photo frame that shows two sides of Dubai from the main vantage point.

New Dubai, which features its spectacular skyscrapers, is seen from one angle. On the other side, you will be able to see the best of Old Dubai, including Al Bastakiya Quarter and the gold souk.

Inside the giant picture frame, you can have a 360-degree view of the city. Its glass-bottomed walkway connecting the two 150-metre towers also gives you fascinating sights of the ground.

The lower floors house exhibits that give visitors a glimpse of the future of Dubai.

The Dubai Frame is one of the unique attractions that will amaze you during your actual visit. The photos you take in this place will even be more astonishing.

6. Jumeirah Mosque

The UAE has several famous mosques that are considered the most beautiful in the world. The Jumeirah Mosque is one of them.

The Jumeirah Mosque’s design was inspired by the Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo. This house of worship is one of the best examples of Islamic architecture.

The Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque open to non-Muslims in Dubai. As such, visiting it gives you the chance to experience going inside a mosque if you are curious about seeing its interior.

Going inside the mosque also allows you to see up close its stunning interior. Photography is also allowed inside, which means you can take as many photos as you want to document your visit here.

The Jumeirah Mosque’s detailed architecture and design are also more pronounced and elevated at night when it is lit up. You will be amazed by the view you will see during sunset and beyond.

These attractions and several others not mentioned here make Dubai one of the most photogenic places you will visit in your life.

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