A Complete Guide on How to Celebrate Rakhi in India: Rituals, Traditions


Raksha Bandhan, popularly known as Rakhi, is a joyous festival celebrated with immense enthusiasm in India. This auspicious occasion symbolizes the sacred bond between brothers and sisters, where sisters tie a rakhi (a sacred thread) on their brother’s wrists, signifying love and protection. The festival is not only about rituals and traditions but also a time to cherish family bonds and create everlasting memories. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various customs, rituals, and ways to celebrate Rakhi in India in 2023, including sending flowers to India to add an extra touch of affection to the festivities.

1. Understanding the Date of Rakhi in 2023

When is rakhi 2023? Rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana. In 2023, the festival falls on 30th of August. It is essential to know the exact date each year to make proper preparations for the festivities.

2. Preparations Before Rakhi

Rakhi is a special time for both brothers and sisters, and thoughtful preparations make the celebration even more memorable:

2.1. Choosing the Perfect Rakhi

The selection of a Rakhi holds great significance, as it symbolizes the love and care sisters have for their brothers. The market is filled with a wide variety of Rakhis, ranging from traditional ones to modern and fancy designs. Sisters can choose the Rakhi that best suits their brothers’ preferences and personalities.

2.2. Preparing Rakhi Thali

The Rakhi Thali is an integral part of the celebrations. It typically includes Rakhi, roli (vermilion), rice grains, diya (oil lamp), and sweets. Sisters can decorate the Thali with colorful flowers to India, making it even more appealing and vibrant.

2.3. Buying Rakhi Gifts

To express their affection, brothers often surprise their sisters with thoughtful gifts. Sisters can also prepare small return gifts as a token of their love.

3. Rakhi Rituals and Traditions

The Rakhi ceremony is filled with sacred rituals and heartfelt emotions:

3.1. Performing the Rakhi Ceremony

On the day of Rakhi, sisters perform the Rakhi ceremony by applying a tilak on their brothers’ foreheads, tying the Rakhi on their wrists, and offering sweets. Brothers, in turn, promise to protect and support their sisters throughout their lives.

3.2. The Essence of Rakhi Purnima

Rakhi Purnima, also known as Rakhi Bandhan, emphasizes the spiritual significance of the festival. It is a time for prayers and seeking blessings for the well-being of siblings and the entire family.

3.3. Rakhi in Different States of India

Rakhi is celebrated with regional variations in different states of India. In some places, sisters tie Rakhis to their sisters-in-law as a symbol of love and inclusion in the family.

4. Rakhi Celebrations in Modern Times

The celebration of Rakhi has evolved with time, and technology has played a vital role in maintaining the essence of this festival:

4.1. Virtual Rakhi Celebrations

For those unable to visit their siblings in person, virtual Rakhi celebrations have become increasingly popular. Through video calls and online gifting, siblings can still participate in the rituals and feel connected.

4.2. Send Flowers to India – Expressing Love and Affection

Sending flowers to India has become a meaningful gesture to express love and affection on Rakhi. With the help of online flower delivery services, siblings can surprise each other with beautiful blooms, even if they are miles apart.

5. Rakhi and Cultural Significance

Rakhi not only strengthens the bond between siblings but also fosters a sense of unity and solidarity among communities:

5.1. Rakhi – Beyond Religion

Rakhi transcends religious boundaries and is celebrated by people of various faiths, showcasing the secular fabric of India.

5.2. Rakhi Celebrations in Different Regions

Each region in India has unique customs associated with Rakhi. In the northern states, the festival is marked by enthusiasm and elaborate celebrations, while the southern states emphasize the spiritual aspects.

6. Celebrating Rakhi with Joy and Enthusiasm

As the much-awaited day of Rakhi approaches, the excitement and happiness in the air are palpable. Brothers and sisters eagerly look forward to celebrating this beautiful festival that strengthens their bond and creates lasting memories.


Rakhi is not merely a festival; it embodies love, care, and protection. As brothers and sisters celebrate Rakhi in India in 2023, the rituals and traditions bring them closer, nurturing their precious bond. Whether in person or virtually, the spirit of Rakhi remains undeterred, and sending flowers to India adds a delightful touch of affection to the festivities. So, let us embrace the joy of Rakhi and cherish the beautiful relationship between siblings that lasts a lifetime.

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