A Brief History of NaijaVibe

NaijaVibe is one of the hottest websites that keeps entertainment lovers up to date with the Nigerian Entertainment Industry news. They are not only the information source for the users but also provide entertainment stuff to them. If you’re also a lover of unique Afrobeat music or any other genre of Nollywood, NaijaVibe is the best forum for you. Here, you’ll find all entertainment sources as well as the hot news about the Nigerian Entertainment and Media market. No matter if you reside in which region of the world, the NaijaVibe will provide you with the news about the entertainment industry of Nigeria. Here is a brief history of this forum.

When Was NaijaVibe Founded?

NaijaVibe is an Entertainment platform that was founded on September 12, 2012, by Mr. Stephen Nzurum. Basically, he was struggling to provide people with such a platform where they can earn by showing their skills. Moreover, it’s a forum that offers opportunities to people from all over the world to sharpen their skills. This site is helping people not only from Nigeria but from all over the world.

If you want to keep yourself updated with the hot news of the world as well as any entertainment source, the NaijaVibe is the perfect forum for you. If you’re fond of Nollywood, in particular, you’ll never find any better site to keep in touch with all the news about this entertainment industry.

Who is Stephen Nzurum?

The CEO of NaijaVibe, Stephen Nzurum, is a multi-talented businessman, a producer, a writer, and a very expert web developer. He has written a book ” The Universe of Doing Small Businesses Online “. He got the idea of helping people to keep in touch with the Nigerian entertainment industry’s news.

Proceeding with the same idea, he found a very unique website ‘NaijaVibe’ that entertains, provides hot news about the entertainment industry and has opportunities to grow the skills. He is a sincere, hardworking, and honest web developer whose struggle resulted in such a great masterpiece.

Aim of NaijaVibe

No one has time to spend watching the latest news on TV and the same is the case with Nigerian people. They don’t have enough time to watch the entertainment news on TV but also want to remain up to date with the trending news. NaijaVibe resolved their problem by providing all that they wanted. This site has more than 1 million monthly views and falls among those sites that have maximum visits as well as compelling content. You can get all the news about the entertainment industry of Nigeria on it. Also, all your favorite entertainment sources are there. Go and chill!


The NaijaVibe is one of the top-ranking websites that have maximum visits and also have quality content on them. This has resolved many issues of the people of Nigeria who want to remain up to date with the top trends of the entertainment industry but don’t have enough time to spend watching TV. Here, you’ll find all your favorites quite easily.

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