A Beginners Guide to SSL Certificate- What is it? How it can Make Your Website Secure


When you browse any website have you noticed that there are URLs that start with “HTTP://.” while some of the others start with “HTTPS://”? The difference between the two is ‘s’, this ‘splays a crucial role do you know how? If not then let us explain, that extra ‘s’ is required for giving over sensitive information, such as your bank account, credit card number, or any other confidential information. Therefore it is important to check its security.

With rising cyber-attacks, it is important for every website to provide this security to their customers. And the websites can do that by installing SSL certificates. Well if you have never heard about SSL certificates before, then keep reading this article. Here we have talked about SSL and also how it can make your website more secure.

What is SSL?

The SSL certificate is a digital certificate that shows the authenticity of any websites. It is built with peer-to-peer encrypted connection.  SSL refers to Secure Sockets Layer, which is a security protocol creating an encrypted link between a web browser and web server.

Every organization and companies should make an addition of SSL certificates to their respective websites. If you wonder why? Well, it is used to secure transactions and also keep customer information secure and private.

In simple terms: SSL certificate keeps internet connections secure and prevents cyber criminals from modifying or reading any information transferred between two systems. If you think about how to identify the secure URL, for that all you have to do is whether the address bar contains a padlock icon placed next to the URL. If you see a padlock icon in the address bar, which means SSL protects the website you are visiting. If you want to run your company on a digital platform then you have to use an SSL certificate. The SSL certificates come at various price ranges, you will also find cheap SSL as well.

From its growth, we have seen different versions of SSL protocol, and all of them have run into some kind of security issues. But at present an upgraded version has come into the market named TLS (Transport Layer Security). This new and advanced system has grabbed the attention of all the renowned companies. But you will find people refer TLS with SSL because the initials SSL stuck, so the new version of this protocol is still known by the old name.

How can it make your website more secure?

You need to know that SSL uses port number 443, which encrypts data exchanged between the browser and the server.

Not just that, it also authenticates the user. As a result, when the communications between the web browser and server need to be secure, the browser automatically makes a switch to SSL. It only happens as long as the server contains an SSL certificate that’s already installed.

Therefore, to have a seamless experience and that also with more security you have to install an SSL certificate in your website.

The bottom line

In the end, we will say, hopefully our guide has helped you to have a clear understanding of SSL certificates and how it can secure your network.

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