9 of the Best eBook Readers

PDF files continue to transform how people create and share information within organizations, teams, and with the general public. While PDF editors are notable for creating and editing PDFs, they are also used for opening and viewing PDF documents.

This article rates the best PDF readers in terms of speed, device compatibility, and unique features. Since you’re looking for something convenient, check out 9 of the best eBook readers online.

Lumin PDF

Step up your game with Lumin’s smart editing features that simplify how you edit PDF documents. Beyond read-only PDF functions, Lumin PDF also offers a wide suite of tools to let you can do more with your free PDF reader.

With the Lumin PDF free plan, you can add signatures, text, or images while you recreate your PDFs. As you make these changes, there’s a chance to sync your file edits with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Cloud storage for unlimited access.

Digital signatures and real-time sync may be impressive add-ons, but Lumin PDF does one better by offering premium PDF viewing for free. It keeps all tools within the toolbar, so you’re not distracted while reading PDF files.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is another smooth program for reading PDF files without hassle. Available for Mac devices, this PDF viewer supports the 3D viewing of documents while offering additional editing options.

It’s interesting to note that you can create PDFs from scratch with the Soda mobile app and also make edits on all PDFs you upload. You’ll locate other Soda PDF features on your web browser and save your disk space.

Soda PDF poses a complete solution with essential features such as edit, merge, split, make annotations, sign, and convert to other file types.

Nitro Reader

Nitro Reader is a powerful tool for performing tasks that involve opening, editing, and sharing PDF documents. If you’re in the market for fast, convenient, and multipurpose PDF readers, then you may be talking about Nitro Reader.

Nitro Reader hastens office workflows by creating avenues for users to sign documents, craft fillable forms, and share confidential PDFs securely. Its intuitive interface is similar to the MS Office tool suite and, therefore, easy to navigate.

You can offer digital certificates to shared users to protect your files from the wrong hands. Note that Nitro Reader has advanced features you can only enable on the Pro version.


Preview is another ideal choice for Mac users and is usually pre-installed on their smartphones, tablets, and computers. This PDF reader allows you to combine multiple PDFs into one and make changes to the documents you upload.

This PDF file reader enables the Reading mode to keep you focused while reading PDFs. Extra security features on Preview like password-protect and digital signatures help keep your files safe as you transfer them online.

While the free version is sufficient for viewing eBooks on your device, the premium Preview allows you to store documents safely on the cloud for future reference.

PDF XChange

Users who love PDF readers with in-built OCR features will love using PDF XChange. This PDF opener boasts a robust editing panel that allows the PDF reader to recognize the text for editing.

You can merge, combine, or add digital signatures to your PDFs and export them afterward. It’s easier to download your edited file on your device or share it with cloud storage.

PDF XChange has an interface that may require more time for users to get familiar with, especially if you’re used to the MS Office layout. Although the free version will leave a PDF XChange watermark on your PDF, you’ll get the freedom to format and convert PDF documents.


Foxit PDF reader gives you room to explore unlimited editing possibilities within PDF files. Its straightforward ribbon-style menu will help you spot tools to split, merge, or add annotations with easy taps.

This free PDF reader provides a Safe Reading option that sabotages JavaScript encoded within your PDFs. You can unlock some Foxit editing tools by downloading free add-ons, but note that you’ll need a paid plan to access the OCR feature.

If there’s a way to view PDF files while protecting your documents on the web, it’s a Foxit PDF reader. Although you might need another PDF editor to create PDF files from scratch, this program serves your viewing needs just fine.


You’ll find satisfaction working with iLovePDF on your first trial. The online PDF reader is pretty straightforward and combines editing tools to extract the potential within your PDF files.

Sign, convert, and make PDF files smaller for easy sharing with others using the simple drag-and-drop functionality. This online PDF reader allows you to upload large PDF files while providing basic PDF security as you navigate the web.

iLovePDF is fast, secure, and flexible for both beginners and experienced users. This free PDF viewer will perform everyday tasks such as viewing and basic editing.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe created the Portable Document Format (PDF), so it shouldn’t be surprising that they provide the best PDF readers on the internet. For many years, Adobe Acrobat has maintained a strong reputation for putting out PDF solutions that serve the digital needs of users.

Some unique aspects of Adobe Acrobat include the ability to work on multiple files at once, text-to-audio, highlighting, and adding notes to a PDF document. You can also opt for advanced editing features within the reader program, such as fillable forms, digital signatures, and stamps.

Business users might require the Adobe Acrobat Pro for an immersive experience when processing large files and collaborating with colleagues.

Google Drive

Not many people know that Google Drive will let you read PDFs or eBooks for free. You can convert other file formats to PDFs and upload PDF files to view on Google Drive.

The amazing feature of Google Drive is how fast you can sync and store files on Google Cloud to reduce the loss of important documents. Apart from a good PDF file viewer, Google Drive is also an excellent choice if you’re low on disk memory space.

This online PDF viewer is easy to connect with other Chrome apps and maximize its function. While using Google Drive, you can also download or print PDF files.


The best PDF reader online comes with unique features and capabilities. You can only choose the best alternative when you figure out your PDF needs. Regardless, these 9 PDF readers will guarantee a premium PDF viewing experience for free.  Now that you’ve found some of the best options, what PDF viewer will you be using today?

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