8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Website Design for Your Business

Ready to have some fun? Today, we’re counting down the ways in which you can select the perfect website design to suit you. This isn’t going to be a step by step guide, so much as a collection of important principles to bare in mind when making the decision, and shock, it doesn’t just land on the idea that it needs to be pretty. But let’s get into it.

It looks good

An obvious way to start, and something you already knew going in. Making sure that the design of a site is something that you really like personally, is such an important aspect of enjoying the process of creating your website. Ensuring that you look through the majority of options and land on one you think looks great is super important. Some things to keep an eye out when selecting the template will be, making sure you have an idea what the pictures or colours will look like, if the website layout will compliment your logo design, If you want to be more text heavy with your website, are there text boxes that help to make it more appealing and less overwhelming? These are elements you will need to take into consideration when choosing a template or style guide that looks good to you.

Represent your brand

Does the website layout suit your product well? There are thousands of beautiful and engaging styles of web design Australia and equally as many ways in which you can represent your product or service. An important web design principle to keep in mind is how best does the template match that style you’re going for. Say you sell jars of pickled vegetables. Do you represent the product by providing the jars like an Instagram swipe through? Do you provide jazzy typography and lengthy text boxes? Or do you combine a text element with the image? Whatever the style, most websites will accommodate, the only thing you have to decide, is how well it fits your preference, and how well it matches what is considered a good user experience.


A great thing to look out for when selecting a website design is the useability. Does it make sense to you where you would put a call-to-action button on the site? If so, that’s a great first step. You should look at the menu placement, the elements surrounding it, and the level of noise you will encounter. In that, the website’s design in general doesn’t detract too much from the ability to find the menu, to find call-to-action buttons, to find information about contact, location and business hours. It is really important to note that all templates can be adjusted. So, if there are issues you have over placement of any text boxes or positionings of images, a bonus when selecting a template that you like that has a couple of negatives, is that you have the ability to change up the look and feel quite easily.

Does it look like a business card?

Another thing to note about websites is that they’re basically digital billboards/business cards that exist to show people who you are, what your business is about, and how you benefit those that are viewing it. An important thing to recognise when selecting a website design is its professionalism. You want the brand to have an identity that informs. Informs potential customers, investors, or people interested in your industry. You want to look at a website design that is going to assist your brand from just one look. A website is like a first impression, you need to try your best to get the most important information out there first to show that you are able to inform your target audience about you and your business.

Don’t get too bugged down by the design

There is such a thing as too many choices, when selecting a design, it can be tempting to go back and forth and delay choosing one design. You may like the look of one, and functionality of the other, and you may look to change it around again, and again and again. If you do this, you delay quite frequently, the progress of actually getting your website live. One thing to remember is that designs and websites in general are flexible. If you like the look of a template and then want to add some different functionality, then don’t be too stressed over the lack of that look or feel, because you can always change it down the line. It is also worth noting that it is recommended to update the look of your website every two to three years, just to make it look fresh, modern, and capable of using new and helpful plugins that improve the user’s experience.

If in doubt, chat to a professional

It can be tempting to go it all alone, spend hours on YouTube tutorials, and implement all the functionality you desire, and definitely it is possible. However, when developing more complicated websites, or by creating a website with a time poor schedule, it is best to ask a professional, either for some advice, or for some assistance. Professional web designers not only know how to get you the functionality along with the look, but they also know what the search engines need to help your website rank well.

Deciding on the website designing platform

Some people who like to do website work on their own will be able to find very easy to use templates and services like Wix, or Squarespace. Most professional organizations will recommend and will use themselves, WordPress. WordPress is a content management system that gives users no fees, and also a bunch of free plugins. With the help of custom WordPress development you can customize your business website design in a very easy way. The website itself is a little more on the intermediate side, but overall gives you a whole bunch of freedom when deciding on design, and functionality. Its ability to be tailored for any and all businesses is what makes it one of the best ways to develop a website, and provide custom designs.

All successful eCommerce businesses have two things in common: they implement advanced shipping rules and export their orders regularly. If you haven’t started doing the same, make the change and see the results.

Test your website design and keep it simple

After all is said and done, you will have a phenomenal website that looks great and works well, but sometimes when you’re too close to your own work, you can forget what it is like for a new user. It is important to test your site so that you can see where your users might struggle with the design and layout. When you have these issues pop up, it is always an opportunity to remember the golden rule of creation. KISS, Keep It Simple, Stupid. Don’t overthink the process, just simplify it right down so that people have the best user experience, and you still maintain a great looking website.