8 Helpful Things You Can Do With An Online PDF Tool

PDF has been a great help to many businessmen, office workers, and students around the world. Since the pandemic started and most offices started to work remotely, digital files have become very important. With PDF, you can easily share a document and view them regardless of whatever device you are using. It has become easier to approve proposals, view memos, and conduct research.

Unfortunately, while it is a great feature that a PDF file cannot easily be edited, it has become a challenge for some users to personalize and make changes to the file. Luckily, there are helpful PDF tools that will not only help you convert various types of files to PDF but can also help you maintain and modify all your files. There are two types of PDF tools: software and online. While some people preferred the paid, downloadable software, other people find an online tool more helpful.

What can an online PDF tool do?

There are various features that an online PDF platform such as Gogopdf can do to help you. Here are some of those:

1.     Repair corrupted PDF file

Since most of the PDF files are sent digitally via email or shared via online storage, there is a high chance that some files may be corrupted or broken. As a result, the recipient or other users will not be able to access them. With the help of an online PDF tool, you can easily repair pdf files with just a few clicks. You don’t need to install anything! All you need is to access the website and you can repair the broken file there.

2.     Edit the contents of your document

Another way to use an online PDF tool is to edit a PDF document. Not everyone has a Pro viewer where you can modify the contents of your file. In case you need to make necessary changes, you can simply use Gogopdf. It will be as if editing your file through a word processing software without the need to download anything on your computer.

3.     Rotate pages of your PDF

There are instances where a page will be converted upside down. In case you don’t have access to the raw file or you are running out of time before the deadline, you can simply use Gogopdf to rotate the pages of your PDF file. In as fast as 2 minutes, you will have a more presentable document to send to your colleagues.

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4.     Sign without printing

While printers are always accessible in the offices, not all households have one. So, if you are working remotely and you don’t have access to a printer, you may find it stressful to affix your signature to a document. With the help of an online PDF platform, you can sign a document and save a signed copy to send to your business partners. Now, you can close any deal even when you’re just using your phone.

5.     Personalize with watermark

If you want to make sure that the user will be notified if the file is confidential or if it’s from your company, you can simply add a watermark on your PDF files. By just following 4 simple steps, Gogopdf can add whatever watermark you please to add to your PDF documents. You can use your company logo or you can use some of the preset choices on the tool.

6.     Delete selected pages

Do you need to share a file but it hasn’t been updated yet? In case you need to delete some pages on your PDF but you don’t have the raw file with you, Gogopdf can help you delete selected pages from an existing PDF document. Even when you are using your phone, you just need to upload the original document on the website and remove the unnecessary pages. Once you’re done, you can download it again. Now, you have an updated file to send to your colleagues.

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7.     Add or remove password on PDF

Since there are a lot of malicious activities happening online, it’s very important to protect your files as much as possible. With Gogopdf, you can encrypt your PDF files with a password and only provide them to authorized users. In that way, only they will have access to the document. If you want to remove a password on your PDF, you can just upload it online as well through Gogopdf and unlock it.

8.     Combine multiple PDF files

It’s very important to consolidate your files all the time. If you suddenly discover that you already have a lot of PDF files saved on your computer, it’s time to combine them. You can start by grouping them based on a category then merging them using the Gogopdf tool. In that way, you will have a more organized file and it will be easier for you to locate them when needed.

Use a reliable online PDF tool!

You can do more with Gogopdf. Visit their website to learn more about their features and services and how they can help your day-to-day activities.

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