7 million user records were exposed as a result of incorrect configuration

Website Planet researchers recently discovered an Amazon S3 bucket with security risks that contained personal data information (name, email, phone number, address, and so on) for approximately 7 million people.

According to the researchers, the S3 bucket contains approximately 6000 files totaling more than 1GB of data. The bucket is not properly configured, and there is no password protection or encryption to safeguard its contents. Its data is publicly accessible to all Internet users at any time.

Furthermore, the researchers discovered approximately ten different folders in the bucket exposed by beetle eye. Each file in these directories contains information from at least one customer.

The researchers discovered three distinct data sets in the bucket, namely Colorado Com prospects, Golden Isles Com potential customers, and unnamed potential customers; the exposed data set contains various types of personal identity information (PII).

At this time, it is unclear whether the database has been maliciously accessed by third parties such as extortion software gangs or attackers, but it can be confirmed that if this occurs, beetle eye customers and employees will face network risks such as online fraud, phishing activities, and malware infection, which will be disastrous.

Database security is an extremely important component of enterprise data security. Once the database security risks, cyber criminals can steal data, damage data, and even implant malware to obtain remote access.

Data leakage will harm your reputation, cost you customers, and reduce your market competitiveness. At the same time, it will entail massive fines, posing significant risks and losses to enterprise operations. Physical measures, software solutions, and even employee safety education are all part of the database security protection measures.

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