6 Tips for Designing a Customized Graduation Card

It is the norm to send greeting cards to a loved one during a special occasion such as a graduation. Graduates can also create custom graduation cards to celebrate their achievements and invite friends and family to join them. Besides expressing pride in the graduate, these cards should also reflect how well you know them. The following tips should help you design the perfect graduation card.

1.  Avoid the Last-Minute Rush

Designing a customized graduation card does not take long, and it is possible to be done within an hour. That said, you should consider getting a jump on it early so that unforeseen hitches such as shipping or transport delays don’t ruin your special day. If possible, start designing your card at least a month before the date of graduation.

2.  Play Around with Different Templates

Using both Photoshop and editing skills, you can create a customized graduation card customized to your tastes and preferences while remaining very professional. Play around with different templates and formats from the Mixbook website until you find a design that not only looks amazing but also speaks to you personally.

3.  Pick a Suitable Layout

Vertical layouts are more common than horizontal ones because they allow more room for your pictures, illustrations, and texts. They appear more visually proportional, especially when the designs, texts, and visual elements you use are in sync. Nonetheless, you can opt for a horizontal layout if you are sending the card by mail and would like to hide the contents.

4.  Select a Theme, Color Scheme, and Font You Love

The theme of the graduation card should blend well with your style and personality. There are various themes you can choose from on the Mixbook website, ranging from gold confetti text, tassel, and gown illustrations, to a simple white layout with gold embellishments. Once you pick a theme, you must choose a color scheme and font that contrasts with the background and brings out your message clearly.

5.  Include Hand-Written Texts

A short text, caption, or heading written by hand on the graduation card makes the receiver feel more loved and appreciated because it shows you took the time to create and design a personalized card. It is a clear indication of how much you love and care for them. That said, try not to overflow the card with text as it may turn out bland.

6.  Use Appropriate Language

The relationship you share with the person receiving the graduation card should determine whether you use formal or informal language. Informal language coupled with a calm, relaxed, or playful tone is suitable when the recipient is a close friend. If you are not that close with the reader, however, use formal language to pass your message of congratulation.


Creating a customized graduation card does not need to be a cumbersome task. In fact, it ought to be a fun activity where you can choose various templates to come out with a fantastic card.

Mixbook understands the desire to design a graduation card that is unique and reflects your personality. They offer a wide range of features such as fonts, stickers, and accents, which you can use to create a personalized design with ingenious decorations. Log on to their website today and start designing the card of your dreams.

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