5 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day happens only once a year so you might as well go all out. Make your partner feel special just as it should be. Whether it’s your first together or fifth, you can create a day to remember with a bit of effort. Plan activities align with both of your interests. Consider preparing two or more things to lessen the pressure of hitting a home run with your only gift. While it’s nice to have a big budget, you can certainly do a lot with a small fund. You can also make it easier by depending on companies such as Hampers with Bite for some of the gifts. Below are 5 romantic ideas to try for Valentine’s Day:

1. Breakfast in Bed

Start the day right with breakfast in bed. This is perfect for couples that live together. If your partner tends to be the one spoiling you in the mornings, then a role reversal could be a pleasant surprise. Practice getting up early in the days leading to February 14 so that your body will get used to it. After all, you will have to prepare the meal and make other arrangements before your partner wakes up. You can also begin the preparations the night before as long you keep things under wraps. Avoid alcohol as much as possible.

Make your partner’s favorites but add a few of your own creations. Look up recipes online and see which ones are manageable. Maybe you can even include freshly squeezed orange juice or a creamy smoothie to round things out. Place a flower on the tray for better visuals. As an alternative, you can decorate the kitchen or dining area and wait for your partner to wake up to a nice meal.

2. Pamper Day

If your partner is feeling stressed out because of work or other responsibilities, then it might be good to pamper her for Valentine’s Day. You can take her out to a spa where you and her can get a relaxing massage. Avail of other services as well to feel rejuvenated with the help of professionals. Others might prefer staying at home where they can truly rest the whole day. You can give each other a massage. All you need are oils and perhaps some scented candles to create a romantic mood.

If you are not familiar with self-care products, then just order a hamper with this theme and you are all set. This could be one of your gifts for the day. Watch her during the unboxing and see her face light up as she inspects every product. Offer to help her with some of these. For example, if it contains sweets, then place these on a small bowl. If there is tea or hot chocolate, then prepare them as indicated on the label. If there are bath salts, then get the tub ready.

3. Game Night

Another indoor option is a game night which can feature any time of activity that you like. This could be a traditional board game or card game that reminds you of your childhood. You could also try new card games for couples that encourage conversation about wholesome or intimate topics. This can lead to fascinating discoveries about each other that you wouldn’t have known otherwise. There are also mystery and adventure games with puzzles that you need to solve before moving on to the next level. This strengthens teamwork and improves communication.

Of course, you can also go out and join game nights at various establishments around your area. Check what’s out there are reserve your slot early. Different places might host trivia nights, karaoke sing-offs, or other fun activities. If you both love sports, then you can also engage in this perhaps early in the day. Some couples might finish a road or trail run together. This could be an organized event, or a personal training run in a scenic location.

4. Premium Picnic

Picnics never get old. There’s something irresistible about being in the midst of greenery while having good food with loved ones. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy. You can drive out to a local park or go a bit further to a larger state park. You can also clean up your backyard and make it a viable setting for your private picnic. This gives you more options when it comes to décor. You can stay from afternoon until night without any worries. Gaze at the stars and have deep conversations. Order a picnic hamper so you won’t have to think about the food.

5. Outdoor Adventure

Lastly, you can take outdoor adventure to the extreme by leaving the fancy restaurants behind and heading to the mountains. Go on a hike in a beautiful location. You may stay in a nearby lodge or bring your own tent to go camping. It is still possible to cook tasty meals for your Valentines dinner including pasta and stews. You can also bring highly rated packaged meals for ease of preparation. Make sure to bring your favorite snacks so you will never get hungry on your hikes.

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