5 Road Trip Ideas in Hawaii

Hawaii is the top destination in the country as it is basically a paradise on Earth. It has everything you might want on your holiday, including but not limited to wonderful nature, turquoise waters, white sand, and amazing climate. The culture and traditions of the islands are unparalleled, so once you are on the islands do try to make the most of your trip and visit as many different places as you can. Besides, if you choose to go on a road trip, you are bound to come across some stunning places, especially if you are looking for something that is off the beaten track.

Road to Hana

Road to Hana is located on the island of Maui and it is one of the most stunning ways in the world. The road winds its way through the island and goes through more than 600 curves and upwards of 50 bridges. When you get to the island, find a Maui car rental under 25 and get a nice convertible car to enjoy the ride. Moreover, car rental in Maui is an ideal choice for those willing to delve a bit into the culture, especially if you get tired of conventional resort holidays and wish to explore a bit.

Some of the top attractions on the way are Twin Falls, Huelo Lookout, and Maui Garden of Eden.  The latter is surely a must for you to visit on the island and it is the most beautiful arboretum. Later on try to unwind on the Ke’anae Peninsula where you can actually have a lunch break sitting right by the ocean, and walk a bit around the botanical gardens enjoying all the species of wildlife.

Turtle Bay

When you choose to have a holiday on the island of Oahu, you should try to rent a car in Hawaii and go on a drive to Turtle Bay. There you will find an amazing sandy beach and it is an outstanding place for fishing, surfing, and diving. So if you want to get active and stretch a bit, do include this location in your itinerary.  However, keep in mind that this place is also known for the rocky ocean bed, so it is not the best idea to go swimming there. The road there from Honolulu airport takes about an hour and is absolutely stunning and if you get a car rental app, you will easily get the ride.

Saddle Road

Going through the saddle-shaped valley, Saddle Road connects Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea and it is an exciting place to visit, especially for those fascinated with science fiction. It passes through a landscape that resembles Moon. These moonlike landscapes contrast with lava fields and rich green pastures. It used to be considered one of the most dangerous routes to take, but as of now it is well-maintained and should be a must on your agenda.

Waimea Canyon and Kokee State Parks

This road trip should start in the town of Waimea, which is a unique mix of cowboy background mixed with the history of sea exploration. When you are at the visitors center you can learn a lot about the importance of this town as a seaport. This road trip is short, so you can easily get a rental car for those under 25 for a day which will not amount to a lot and will not blow your budget. On the way, you can stop at Waimea Canyon State Park and  Lookout, walk Waimea Canyon Trail and stop by Kokee State Park. Besides if you feel like exercising a bit and going on a track, you will truly enjoy Iliau Nature Loop.


One of the most stunning drives along the sea level is the road going from the charming main town of Kaunakakai on the island of Molokai. The town has a unique rustic look with an amazing atmosphere and plenty of dining options. As for the main attraction of this road trip, it is the way itself, as you can find the most marvelous landscape behind every corner. 

You can end the road trip on Hawala Beach, even though it is located in the privately-owned Hawala Valley, it can let you enjoy the most stunning, tranquil place. Keep in mind, since the area is private property, you cannot wander around on your own, and you must get a guide, plus you are not allowed to swim there, but despite all the limitations, it is still worth the drive.

All in all, Hawaii is an amazing place all around. You are bound to find some incredibly beautiful locations there. When you are there, make sure to get a rental car and set out on a road trip around one or more islands. However, do not disregard the usual resort rest, as it can be pretty restoring as well.

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