5 Most Significant Duties of Customer Support Specialists

No business can do well without proper customer support. Having excellent customer support is the guarantee to maintain customers loyal to your business. Moreover, it will help you to ensure happy and satisfied customers with their experience related to your business. 

In case you are not sure what customer support specialists do, below are listed the five most significant duties of customer support specialists. 

Maintain proper communication

Your customer support specialists are responsible for maintaining proper communication. They are on the frontline of customer communication. Whether you provide multichannel customer support or have only a call center, having well-trained and customer-oriented support specialists is a must. 

Companies that know and value the importance of customer service always keep an eye on hiring experienced customer support specialists. Whether your customers face issues when using your product or simply have a question about the products, your customer support specialists are the ones they address their requests to. 

Solve problems or redirect

As slightly mentioned above, your customer support specialists are responsible for solving problems addressed by your customers. If there is a minor technical issue that can be solved immediately, your customer support specialists will provide solutions right away. If there are some significant problems or bugs, they will redirect those to the given department to ensure the issue is recorded and solved as soon as possible. 

Let’s say you provide social media marketing solutions. Apparently, for some reason, your client’s business account was banned. Your customer support specialists should know how long the Facebook jail lasts and the ways to solve that issue fast. If they cannot assist your clients with that, they will transfer the issue to another department of yours. 

Provide product information

Another duty your customer support specialists have is to provide valid information about your business, products, services, and special deals to your customers. Having a single platform to store updated information and set clear guidelines for your specialists to access anytime is always good. Many companies choose to use coworking space software for proper work management and organization. 

Your customer support specialists will be able to provide information based on the designed processes since it is an essential part of their daily responsibilities. 

Assess customer-happiness surveys

Customer support specialists are also responsible for conducting customer happiness assessments. With well-designed survey questions, your customer support specialists can gather valuable information that can help advance your customer service and even help you fix your products or services’ problems. 

React to customer feedback

As part of maintaining communication with customers, your support specialists are also responsible for properly reacting to customer feedback. No matter if they receive positive or negative feedback, they should be able to meet the accepted standards of feedback processing and ensure the proper reaction to any feedback. Handling customer feedback is an important responsibility that your customer support specialists have. 


A great customer support team is a huge benefit. They carry a lot of responsibilities when it comes to customer care and customer happiness. They are responsible for providing relevant information to customers, maintaining communication, and solving problems. They also include assessing customer happiness surveys and reacting to customer feedback.