5 Key Thing To Achieve A Healthy & Perfect Lifestyle

I want to survive, considering people, society and the environment. “Don’t do it” and “you shouldn’t do it” feel your hindrance. How can you live such a life with your own life and conviction?

You cannot create your own life. Knowing the background of where and how you eat, what you wear and what you need for your life, you will discover the connection between your life and nature and others.

Make back-calculation a habit.

Successful people have a habit of thinking first about the goal they want to be and then calculating back from that goal. It is important to learn how to succeed inevitably, not to succeed if you do something.

Make work a friend

After graduating from school and entering society, you have to work except those who are very fortunate. You will waste a vast time in your work. 

Many people define “work = unpleasant things” and think that doing something unpleasant will make money, but it is “work = happy things” in reality. The real thrill of work is to provide people with good value and get paid for it.

Continue learning

You are the most cost-effective investment destination. The 20s are the investment generation. If a person who did not work hard in his twenties wants to catch up with a person in his thirties and forties who worked hard in his twenties, he must work ten times more. That’s why investing in your twenties is worth it. However, learn by giving priority to output. Many continue to “learn to learn” and remain unable to take a step. You will find it easy to study and read books. It’s much harder to take action from there.

Increase the amount of activity

Self-check if you can put what you have learned into practice. It can be said that “I knew” it for the first time.

People who can continue to grow are that the first step is quick and can be put into practice immediately. Take the first step within 72 hours of what you want to do or what you think you should do. If you don’t do anything for 72 hours, you’ll forget what you were trying to do, or you’ll get sick.