5 Essential Security Features In A Stroller

The entry to parenthood is a fascinating one. Most people wait for that moment all their life, the moment when your bundle of joy enters the world. It’s a magical experience for both parents. But as soon as the initial stages are over, you realize the delicacy of the situation. You have a living, breathing human being to take care of; you need to care for the baby’s needs more than your own, which means having tons of decisions to make.

Many of these decisions need quite a bit of planning. Like what type of stroller to buy, what to look for in it, and its benefits. But no matter the cost, the style, the colour, or the size of your stroller, the number one requirement is the safety and security of your child. The stroller needs to keep your child as safe as possible. Fortunately, many brands do fulfil those expectations, like the Wonderfold stroller wagon, and hence you may need to keep a few things in mind while purchasing one.

Here are five necessary security features that must be in your child’s stroller to keep them safe and secure at all times.

1. The stroller must have a restraining system.

Strollers are agents of transportation for your child. They are for newborns to the point a toddler learns to walk by themselves without any assistance. Since a stroller is for infants and toddlers, it needs to be super safe. The last thing you want is to get your child hurt. Hence without a doubt, parents need to check these features in the stroller they buy.

You should purchase a stroller with a strong safety belt for your child. This belt keeps the toddler from slipping out of his seat in any situation. Ensure that the belt isn’t a loose one, nor should it be something a child can easily unlock with his little hands. But also make sure that the belt is easy for you to open and close. So it doesn’t take you a lot of time to buckle and unbuckle the child’s seat. 

There is quite a variety of strollers out there; make sure to get the one with the most developed belt system; most strollers come with two belts. Please choose the one with the five adjustable belts; this will keep the little one from moving anywhere or accidentally slipping out of their seats.

2. The stroller must come along with safety breaks.

The stroller you plan on buying must have the perfect set of breaks. Loose brakes are a disaster waiting to happen; it’s better to check the braking system of the stroller before you make the purchase.

Look for a stroller with parking brakes on two wheels; this ensures the safety of your child. A handlebar near the parents can control the parking brakes. When the brakes are applied, the brake stops the wheel at the front very smoothly. Look for one with a smooth transition, so it doesn’t wake your kid up by a jolt.

A new type of stroller is a jogging stroller, and it has a single wheel in the front. Parents use this style if they want to have flexible rides with their child and their strollers. Fortunately, they also come with hand-operated brakes, and expensive versions of the same stroller have breaks in the font and the back wheel.

3. Uniform functionality of the wheels

The strollers come in different sizes and shapes. Some significant types include jogging strollers and double strollers. Each type of stroller is designed for a specific function—the structure fulfils this very purpose.

While purchasing any stroller, make sure that the wheels have a uniform function; you don’t want to buy a stroller in which the wheels wobble a lot as it could be unsafe for your child. Test drive the stroller you are about to purchase and ensure the wheels move smoothly, are not too big or too small, and will not easily snap.

4. The stroller must have leg holes.

Another essential thing for the safety of your child is leg holes and straps. If your child is too young, experts recommend buying a stroller with leg holes. Also, check they have a flexible footrest as well as an adjustable backrest. A flexible footrest and backrest can help place the child upright when awake and lie flat when dozed off.

5. The stroller must have a shade or canopy.

The canopy of a stroller will protect your bundle of joy from the harmful rays of the sun. A newborn baby’s skin is extremely fragile; if you take your newborn outside in the starting days, you have to take extreme caution.

Ensure the canopy is easily adjustable and covers the child well; this can also protect from some harsh winds and prevent sunburns. Also, make sure that storm protectors come along with the stroller and a net to protect from insects.

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