5 Essential Bicycle Accessories for Summer

There’s nothing quite like hitting the road on your bicycle on a warm summer day. The glow of the sun on your skin and the tingle of an afternoon breeze through your hair can feel magical. When you’re ready to plan your perfect summertime ride, here are some essential accessories that will help you get the most out of your excursion.

Car Rack

Adding a car rack to your vehicle can make it easy to get your wheels to the beach for a seaside ride. If you’ve been wondering, can you ride a mountain bike on the beach, the answer really comes down to the tires on your bike and the type of sand you’ll be riding on. In general, sporting fat tires and setting out on packed, compact sand will give you the smoothest ride. Just install a roof or tow-hitch rack to your car so you and your bike can easily head to the shore for a cruise this summer.

Handlebar Phone Mount

When you’re setting out on a summertime adventure, the last thing you want to do is get lost. Having your phone with you so you can follow maps is key, but it can be dangerous to try to handle your device while riding. Adding a handlebar phone mount to your bike can give you easy, hands-free access to your phone. In fact, a phone mount can be one of the best bike accessories for women who want to have a greater sense of security when heading out on their own.

Water Bottle Cage

Access to fresh water while riding is important. While some people opt for backpack-style water dispensers, others find them clunky and cumbersome. Mounting one or two bottle cages on your bike frame can keep a fresh supply of water at your fingertips without weighing you down. A pro tip is to freeze one of your bottles overnight so you can bring along something to cool you down during your summertime ride.


As warm summer days’ fade into balmy evenings, there’s no need to head home and get cooped up inside. Adding headlights and taillights to your bike will make it safer to keep peddling at dusk and after dark; just be aware that although many experts advocate for blinking lights to maximize safety, they can be hazardous to drivers and are banned in some areas.

Bike Cover

Last but not least, if you love your bicycle you probably want it to stay in good condition. Investing in a bike cover to protect it from bright summer rays or seasonal winds can be a smart way to prevent damage and keep it looking sharp. Bear in mind that finding one with lock holes can be helpful for tethering your bike if you’ll be storing it in an unsecured location.

When you’re ready to gear up for the season, shop online for bikes for summer rides and seek out some of these essential accessories to up your cycling game. Investing in just a few extras can make your warm-weather rides safer and more enjoyable.

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