4 Ways To Expand Crypto Business Worldwide

SEO is the best way of engaging consistent traffic to a website. The cryptocurrency industry has a special space for effective marketing in terms of its strengthening technologies and high market volatility. 

Crypto marketing strategies build this trust, enhance transparency, and verify a business’ website as an impressive figure in its field of knowledge.

Cryptocurrency SEO reveals an extensive amount of change encompassing blockchain solutions and provides for users. You can answer these questions with specific quality & unique content written by experts in the industry that highlight the website’s expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (EAT). 

1. Featured Snippet 

There is an increase in ConsenSys’ organic clarity by 33% in one year with featured snippets. The process included creating a strategy that focused on earning featured snippets for extremely competitive keywords. 

When the SEO team works hard for outranking favorites such as IBM, Deloitte, and the popular online publishing platform Medium. 

It created a domino effect that helped to beat competitors, increasing both impressions and click-through rates. Blockchain captured several highlighted snippets for Bitcoin cases, which is the top keyword in the crypto upward.

SEO Services experts break down each stage of the process and explain:  

  • Value of page structure and topical authority
  • The main featured snippets and how to optimize for them 
  • Advantages of ranking for featured snippets

2. Content Optimization 

Featured snippet optimization is a part of the comprehensive content optimization strategy. Experts optimizing SME Loans (business finance) to explain the relevant factors involved in creating a perfectly optimized page in 2021. 

SEO agency studies important information about competitors, keyword research, giving a content template in line with Google’s core algorithm updates.

 These factors are included :

  • Content length and quality 
  • Anchor links for UX 
  • Targeting questions from ‘People also Ask’
  • Answers optimized for Featured Snippets 
  • Schema 

3. Website Redirection

Crypto marketing agencies increased their organic website traffic by over 20%. It achieved this through a concealed website movement that involved redesign, new architecture, sub-domain changes, and redirection from HTTP to HTTPS.

The process required approval from the client. Experts discuss the ins and outs of dealing with website redirection in an extensive business, pointing out methods that can apply to any company.

These factors are important:

  • Various website redirection
  • Events and difficulties faced 
  • Partner and risk management 
  • How to set up a ‘business case’ 

Sometimes companies create one-page websites and it harms a website’s chances of ranking highly in Google’s SERP. 

They cover individual product offerings, contact details, and an ‘about us’ section, but there is a need to make separate web pages. 

The SEO-friendly way to reach a website is to set up a homepage that expresses the main value proposal with links to new pages for each topic. 

4. Page speed

Everyone knows that these days people search all things on their mobiles. Google gives importance to the page speed of websites. If websites are mobile-friendly or SEO-friendly, then blockchain websites rank on the first pages of Google.

SEO agencies give importance to improving page speed for websites in the blockchain and FinTech industries. They use their expertise to answer questions about the complex area of technical SEO. 

Google first started page speed as a ranking factor in 2010, but not all companies are aware of its value. They can hold a record of their own website’s page speed. 

They understand valuable insights into: 

  • Why page speed is so important commercially and in terms of SEO 
  • The key metrics needed when measuring page speed 
  • How to ensure accurate page speed reporting in Crypto websites 

There are many ways to expand your business, but the above points are major ways to expand Bitcoin services. You can add a web page of Bitcoin news and price tracker of various coins and expand your business globally.

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