4 ideas for poké bowls: A complete and balanced meal

The poké bowl, a Hawaiian specialty that has taken the world’s dining tables by storm, is much more than just a culinary trend. It embodies a complete and balanced meal, combining taste, freshness, and nutrition. But what makes the poké bowl so special? It’s the ability to blend simple and healthy ingredients into a festival of colors and flavors, all with a few skillful cuts of the knife. In this article, we’ll explore together four poké bowl ideas that will delight your taste buds and nourish your body.

What are the foundations of a perfect poké bowl?

The magic of a poké bowl lies in its base. Traditionally, this is made up of sushi rice, but there are plenty of alternatives for those who want to vary the pleasures or nutritional needs. Brown rice offers a firmer texture and an additional fiber intake, while quinoa is a protein-rich and gluten-free option.

For a grain-free version, why not try a base of green salad or vegetable spirals?

Protein is the other pillar of the poké bowl. Raw fish, like tuna or salmon, is a popular and traditional choice. However, for those who prefer an alternative, marinated tofu, grilled chicken, or even legumes can make excellent substitutes.

The key is to prioritize freshness: quality ingredients are the secret to a successful poké bowl.

1 – The classic tuna Poké Bowl

To compose a classic tuna poké bowl, start by selecting quality sashimi-grade tuna. Freshness is paramount here, as the fish will be consumed raw. Cut the tuna into regular cubes, making clean slices to preserve the delicate texture and flavor of the fish.

For assembling your bowl, spread a layer of warm rice at the bottom of the bowl. Arrange the tuna cubes neatly over the rice. At this point, you can add a variety of vegetables for color and nutrients: think of thin slices of cucumber, minced radishes, sliced avocados, and shredded seaweed.

Each knife cut must be precise to obtain uniformly sized pieces that will blend perfectly in the bowl.

To finish, season your poké bowl with a lightly sweetened soy sauce or a ponzu sauce for a citrus touch. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and finely chopped green onions to add crunch and freshness.

2 – The colorful vegetarian Poké Bowl

A vegetarian poké bowl is a festival of colors and flavors that will delight both the eyes and the palate.

For this, opt for a base of brown rice or quinoa for fiber and protein. Add plant-based proteins like firm tofu, previously marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil. For vegetables, choose carrots, radishes, cucumbers, and avocados for their texture and taste.

Next, cut the vegetables into juliennes or thin slices for a crunchy texture and a neat presentation. The avocado can be sliced into strips or cubes. Arrange the vegetables harmoniously on the rice or quinoa base, separating each color for a striking visual effect.

For the dressing, a mix of soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, and sesame oil will be perfect. You can also add a bit of wasabi or ginger to enhance the taste. Sprinkle with sesame seeds or crumbled nori for the final touch.

3 – The salmon and avocado Poké Bowl

The salmon and avocado poké bowl is a classic favorite for its richness in omega-3 and its simplicity of preparation:

The raw salmon, rich and creamy, pairs perfectly with the softness of the avocado. Use fresh sashimi-grade salmon and a ripe avocado.

To start, cut the salmon into approximately 2 cm cubes for a pleasant mouthfeel. For the avocado, remove the pit, peel the skin, and cut the flesh into slices or cubes. Drizzle with a little lemon juice to prevent oxidation.

Add edamame, wakame seaweed, and radishes for crunch. Finely sliced green onions and a bit of masago (capelin roe) will bring an explosion of flavors.

4 – The tropical fruit and shrimp Poké Bowl

For an exotic touch, the tropical fruit and shrimp poké bowl is a refreshing and original option.

First, incorporate pieces of mango, pineapple, or papaya for their natural sweetness and freshness. These tropical fruits complement the delicate flavor of the shrimp beautifully.

Then, use cooked and peeled shrimp for quick preparation. Cut the fruits into cubes so they easily mix with the other ingredients in the bowl.

For the sauce, a dressing made from lime juice, honey, and soy sauce will perfectly match the tropical flavors. You can add a bit of chili for a spicy note that will contrast with the sweetness of the fruits.


In conclusion, poké bowls offer an infinite palette of possibilities, satisfying all tastes while providing balance and nutrition. Whether you are a fish lover, vegetarian, or in search of tropical flavors, there is a poké bowl for you.