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3 Vital Elements in an SEO Website Audit    

Having a presence online is vital for the majority of businesses today. It’s a place where potential customers go to learn more about you, what you offer, and to hopefully be turned into actual customers once they like what they see. 

There is so much information on the internet and noise to cut through – how do you make sure your website can be found and stands out among the rest? 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a fantastic tool to help your site gain visibility among the millions that are out there. SEO improves your site pertaining to factors that search engines look for when compiling ranking lists as users browse the web. 

The better your SEO, the more likely you are to rank highly in searches potential customers are performing. 

It’s worth getting an SEO analysis of your website to make sure it’s performing the best it can for you and your business. 

Here are some vital pieces of an SEO audit that will put your site on the path to success. 

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are a top priority, as that’s what search engines look for when being utilized by potential customers. 

Are you using the right keywords on your pages to draw in the types of customers you want? If so, where does your company rank in these keyword searches? 

You also want to look at which keywords are the most successful in the way of not only bringing in traffic, but converting customers.

You can use things like Google Trends and Google Analytics to measure keyword performance and look at impactful keywords overall.  

Content Evaluation

A website with a scant amount of content pages containing the right keywords will still get less play than a website that is booming with good content and has proper keywords sprinkled throughout.

Creating a site with content depth and breadth helps rank it higher among search engines. Look at this content from not only a technical perspective, but a customer’s.

Are you providing content that’s beneficial to them and helps them spend a good amount of time on your website? Is this content driving business, converting customers?

Be aware of duplicate content. This can apply to not only text within the content, but page titles, meta descriptions, and target keywords. You should need the best Guest Posting websites to get more visitors to your website. 

Link Analysis

Nothing hinders an internet user more than a broken link, or link that simply doesn’t go where it should.

Running a crawl report on your site will help identify any such links. 

You also want to make sure the links you do have are relevant and link not only internally but to external entities as well.

Also be aware of backlinks, or links that connect an external website to your own site. Backlinks help build your site’s presence among search engines, signifying that outside sites recognize yours as an important source that should be seen.

The sites that link to you should be ones related to what you do. Build a list of websites you want backlinks from and start a conversation with the site’s webmaster to see how you can make this happen.

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