3 Things You Need to Know About Alexa Smart Lock

Have you ever forgotten where to put your keys, which leads you to look for them everywhere? Have you ever been locked outside by a gust of wind when you take out the garbage? Have you ever forgotten to go out with your key and burst into your house? Have you ever changed the lock because the key was copied unsafely after the nanny or tenant left? These things happen all the time. The little key has brought us many troubles in our life. So what’s an excellent way to solve this dilemma? Alexa smart lock can help you solve all these problems.

Alexa smart lock is the representative of door lock after mechanical lock, which is developing in popularity. No matter its safety performance or the change of people’s quality of life, an intelligent lock is bound to replace the existing lock. Alexa smart lock has obvious advantages and has a broad market in the future. This article will introduce Alexa smart lock from the following three aspects. The 866 Spectrum customer support phone number help subscribers like you successfully move services.

1. Password unlock, no physical key required

Let me guess, do you rummage in your bag to find the key every time you enter the door? Or do you go out to buy a bunch of things, full of things in your hands, and can’t get your hands to open the door with the keys? Do you ever think that you can open the door without a key? Alexa smart lock is the best choice to solve your problems! With a wifi keypad door lock, you can get rid of the physical key completely. You can use the password to unlock the lock. When relatives and friends visit, and you are not at home, you can also tell them the password to let them wait for you at home, avoiding the embarrassment of keeping them waiting outside the door for a long time.

2. Voice unlocking

If password unlocking provides convenience, the Alexa smart lock’s voice unlocking gives full play to the convenience. That’s right! You can also open and close doors with voice recognition. Alexa smart lock allows you to experience the benefits of the rapid development of science and technology in the 21st century. It can make your life as convenient as possible. Wifi keyless door lock can work with the Alexa digital assistant. You can open the door with your voice with the help of the Alexa digital assistant. You can also connect the wifi keypad door lock to your phone through Wi-Fi with a gateway. 

3. Lock the door automatically

Have you often forgotten to lock your door when you go out? Once you forget to lock the door, there may be cases such as theft, which is a significant threat to your own house and property. Have you ever thought that your door can be locked automatically? Alexa smart lock can do exactly this! With an Alexa smart lock, you never have to worry about forgetting to lock the door! Alexa smart lock can bring you a high level of security protection. Especially for people living alone, an Alexa smart lock is essential. Some people forget to lock the door before going to bed at night. If he/she happens to live alone, he/she may encounter thieves or robbers entering the door. So it is essential to have an Alexa smart lock that can automatically lock the door.

There are many Alexa smart lock brands on the market. How to choose the best smart lock? Smonet Alexa smart lock is the best choice. Smonet has the best wifi door lock. Smonet best wifi door lock has up to 500 passwords, and you can quickly open and close the door by entering the password. Besides, Smonet Alexa smart lock works with Alexa digital assistant. You can turn on the Smonet wifi keypad door lock with your voice.

Moreover, Smonet Alexa smart lock will automatically lock for 5 minutes if anyone tries to enter an incorrect passcode more than five times. Last but not least, the Smonet Wifi keyless door lock has long battery life and an excellent product warranty. Smonet Alexa smart lock only needs 4pcs AA batteries to support 5000 times of opening the door, lasting about six months. Smonet also provides a 1-year product warranty and 30-day free returns.

Product categories of Smonet include wired and wireless security cameras, battery-powered security cameras, smart locks, and many more. They provide you high-quality products and considerate service.

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