20 lb weighted blanket

A weighted blanket is a blanket used for therapeutic purposes to relieve stress and anxiety thereby providing comfort and calming effect on the users.

20 lb weighted blanket is a blanket perfect for anyone who has a body weight of 200 lbs.

How it works

20 lb weighted blanket act like a hug by adding weight to the body of its user. This process is known as deep pressure and it is done to ensure that the user feels more comfortable and secure.

20 lb weighted blanket was developed to act as a form of therapy which increases the level of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These chemicals are responsible for feel of calmness and happiness in a person.

Its benefits

20 lb weighted blanket provides a wide range of benefits to the health of man and they are as follows.

  1. 20 lb blanket helps to relief stress and calm disorder in the body.
  2. 20 lb blanket helps to improve interaction during the day and as well enhance a good night rest.
  3. 20 lb blanket can help to put the nervous system to rest thereby reducing anxiety.
  4. 20 lb blanket provides comfort to people with body pain.
  5. 20 lb blanket is also used to lower panic disorders and improved sleeping time.
  6. 20 lb blanket helps to improve mood by producing hormones that make ths user feel good.

Weighted blanket weight chart

Weighted blanket weight chart is a chart made to guide people on how to choose a size that best suits their body weight. As a guide, below is a weighted blanket weight chart.

Body Weight                                                 Blanket  Weight

100-120lbs                                                          10-12lbs

120-140lbs                                                          12-14lbs

140-160lbs                                                          14-16lbs

160-180lbs                                                          16-18lbs

180-200lbs                                                          18-20lbs

200-251lbs                                                           20-25lbs

250-300lbs                                                          25-30lbs

300-350lbs                                                          30-35lbs

The weighted blanket weight chart shows the body sizes with respect to the weighted blanket size. You must therefore choose weighted blanket size that corresponds to your body weight so that you can enjoy it. The comfort you will experience depends on the weight of the weighted blanket.

Height factor

Weighted blankets are produced in different dimensions to suit every user. Your height is not really a factor to be considered because ore concern is about the weight. However, you can choose a weighted blanket of the size of your bed.

What if I am in between the standard sizes?

If you happen to find yourself in between the standard size of a weighted blanket, and you are not sure of the size to pick, just relax because there is an expert recommendation of adding 1 to 2 lb. In addition, according to a small study using 30 lb weighted blankets in 2006, a conclusion was drawn that more than 10 percent of body weight can bring calmness and comfort to the body.


The weighted blanket weight chart is made available to guide you in choosing a size that corresponds to your body weight, putting your comfort into consideration. Make sure you select wisely.

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