11+ Exams Preparation for Grammar School Entry 2021

It’s confirmed that the 11+ Exams will push through this September of 2021! The pandemic was a crazy year for all of us but ultimately, 2020 showed us the benefits of online learning.

No doubt that you are hoping your child can pass the best grammar schools in the UK. Grammar school UK ranking may be an important factor for you especially if you want your child to succeed in his or her career and those exams may be nerve wrecking! In this article, we give you a guide on preparing for the grammar school tests.

Coverage of the 11 Plus Exams:

The exams cover a combination of subjects that varies across grammar schools. The layout of the paper and length of exam differs across schools and boards. It usually covers these four subject areas: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, math, and English.

Now we ask… How to better prepare for the exam? Here are some tips:

  1. Hire a tutor

11+ tutors can charge as much as £25-£50 an hour. Tutoring is usually done 9 months to 12 months prior to the tests and some professional tutors can charge £2,500 with £200 for materials. It’s crucial to plan and find a capable tutor to guide your child towards acing the 11+ Exams.

KidSmart is offering 24/7 online tutor support priced at £35 per hour. The tutors are professional teachers committed to guiding students’ learning as well as support for the family.

  1. Find 11 Plus Past Papers

Past papers may serve as your child’s basis to get a feel of the exam. These past papers can be used as a mock test or a practice test for your child to get used to how the exam is like. Practicing for the exam consistently can allow your child to feel less nervous when the exam is close!

  1. Play Games

Time and time again, we understand that play is important in learning. No matter what age, games and playing offer many benefits to promote learning. Luckily, KidSmart has found a way to integrate gamification in preparing for grammar school exams. In their app, they have various games to help your child improve his or her grammar skills in a fun way!

  1. Understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses

It’s important to know which areas your child is strong at and which areas your child must improve on. If your child finds 11+ Math topics easier than 11+ Verbal Reasoning then perhaps, you should allocate extra time to cover 11+ Maths with a tutor.

Luckily, KidSmart has individualized services that will allow you to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses! Through these individualized offerings, you’ll be able to strategize according to your child’s learning profile. This is very important in order to efficiently schedule and plan out your child’s 11 Plus Preparations.

With these tips and KidSmart’s wide array of program offerings, you’re sure to guide your child to ace the 11 Plus Exams! Happy studying!

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