10 PC Games to Buy on Steam at a Discount

Nothing is better news to a gamer than a discounted price. What with games selling for at least $70, this is too much money for a game enthusiast. Today, we will take a look at the ten best games that you can buy on Stream at a discounted price—for PCs only.

1. ARK: Survival Evolved

Save 67% on this game this summer. ARK is an adventure game released back in 2017. It is also a survival game where you roam on an island that has dinosaurs in it. The environment is hostile to humans, and your job is to survive this brutal landscape.

What makes the game exciting is that you are not on your own—if you choose so. You have the option to join PvP servers. The best part is that the human players are not your allies—they are as dangerous, if not even more, than the prehistoric animals and the environment. They will loot you if you are not strong enough—but you can join tribes if you want to.

2. What Remains of Edith Finch

Sold at $20, you can buy this now for $13 only. This game is narrative-based—those who love stories will enjoy it, as they explore the different traumas that the Finch family has to go through. There are also mini-games here. While the idea is not as exciting as RPGs that gamers love so much, this one offers three hours of game time. You will explore the home of Edith Finch in Washington and then take a look at the bedrooms of relatives who already passed away.

3. PayDay 2

PayDay 2 is at 90% off this summer, and you should get ready to do the biggest crime of all. The challenge here is that this game is a co-op one. You cannot win it on your own like in sports betting online. Here, you need to play with others to get the job done. Of course, if you team up with lousy players, you will not be able to succeed. 

PayDay 2 allows you to set up a team of four, and the developers did a good job at making this happen. Here, you will play on an interactive city map, and then you can choose missions that you think you can pull.

4. Divinity: Original Sin

This RPG is currently at 90% off. If you feel like being a god and battling big bosses, then this title is certainly going to fit your playstyle. Here, you will discover how your actions affect your environment. You can use flames to burn boats and other things. What’s great is that nothing in the game will tell you this—no NPC or quest books will ask you to get this done. 

The appeal of the game is based on the fact it has scattered quests. The quests are well-written, and you will have about six hours of game time. Oh, we forgot to mention that this is also a fantasy game where you will build your combat skills.

5. Half-Life: Alyx

Alyx is not just another variant of an old game—it is one of those sequels that overpower their predecessor. Typically selling for $60, you can get it now for $36. Alyx is a VR game, which means you will need a VR device to fully get immersed into it. VR is what you use to interact with objects in the game and survive the onslaught of enemies.

6. Outward

Now at 70% off, this is a game where you do not die—you simply fall unconscious. By the time the game reloads, you are in another location. What happens is you consume time to heal and restock your supplies. You are an adventurer who has to hide or defend yourself from creatures that want to hurt you. The environment itself is dangerous, so you need to be careful. The game takes into account reality as much as possible. You have to hydrate yourself, get enough sleep and make sure you have what it takes to fight off diseases.


What kind of gamer does not know PUBG? If you haven’t purchased this yet, then get ready because it is at 50% off. Okay, if you haven’t heard, PUBG stands for Player Unknown: Battleground. PUBG is a multiplayer battle arena where you dish it out against other players. It is what is known in the game industry as Battle Royale. 

Here, up to 100 players will parachute down on an island and scavenge for tools, gears and guns. The area of the game gets smaller in size as players die. The last player standing is the one who wins. If you like this type of video games, you can not only play them online but also place online bets at GGBet and win some money if you predict the result of the game right.

The last three in our list are merely runners-up. These are: 

  • Total War: Warhammer II – currently at 66% off, it is a strategy game where you choose from four unique factions. Your job is to win the war by mounting conquests. 
  • Phasmophobia – 15% off; it is a co-op game that offers psychological horror. You are a paranormal investigator, and you will hunt ghosts. 
  • Civilization VI – if you like building towns and a kingdom, then get this one at 75% off. You will build an empire and fight against other players. In this iteration, you will be able to interact with the world. 

So, which one do you like? Choose one now because the sale only lasts through summer. If you do not decide now, you will be paying between 20% and 70% more after the summer sale!

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