10 Effects of Anxiety on the body

Everyone experiences anxiety at different times. Anxiety can negatively affect a person’s life and make it worse. It can lead to social issues and also effects different parts of the body. People usually recognize the behavioral changes when a person is experiencing anxiety but you need to understand that anxiety can also affect the physical health of a person. Here are some physical affects that anxiety and stress has on a person’s body.

Learn different types of anxiety

A person might feel anxious when they are talking to a bunch of people or they are interviewing for a job. Anxiety can increase the heart rate and breathing of a person and increase the blood flow to the brain. When the anxiety gets intense, a person might feel nauseated or light headed. The chronic anxiety can have adverse effects on a person’s body and their mental health as well. Anxiety can happen at different phases of life and women are more likely to suffer from anxiety than men. The stressful experiences may increase the anxiety in a person. The symptoms of anxiety may differ from person to person and you need to learn different types of anxiety to understand its effects on a human body.

Some of the main types of anxiety are generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias and panic disorders. GAD is characterized as extreme anxiety without any logical reason. Around 7 million people in USA suffer from GAD every year. GAD can last for six months to a year and it is best to contact a therapist when you are facing issues related to generalized anxiety disorder.

Social tension issue includes a deadening apprehension of social circumstances and of being judged or mortified by others. This serious social fear can disregard one inclination embarrassed and.  Around 15 million American grown-ups live with social tension issue, takes note of the ADAA. The run of the mill age at beginning is around 13. More than 33% of individuals with social tension issue hold up 10 years or more before seeking after assistance.

PTSD creates in the wake of seeing or encountering something awful. Side effects can start promptly or be deferred for a considerable length of time. Basic causes incorporate war, cataclysmic events, or a physical assault. PTSD scenes might be activated all of a sudden.

Individuals with OCD may feel overpowered with the longing to perform specific ceremonies (impulses) again and again, or experience meddling and undesirable contemplations that can be upsetting (fixations).

Regular impulses incorporate ongoing hand-washing, tallying, or checking something. Regular fixations incorporate worries about tidiness, forceful driving forces, and requirement for balance.

Phobias incorporate dread of tight spaces (claustrophobia), dread of statures (acrophobia), and numerous others. You may have an amazing desire to maintain a strategic distance from the dreaded item or circumstance. This causes fits of anxiety, unconstrained sentiments of uneasiness, dread, or looming fate. Physical manifestations incorporate heart palpitations, chest agony, and brevity of breath.  These assaults may happen whenever. You can likewise have another kind of uneasiness issue alongside frenzy issue.

Effects of Anxiety on the Human Body

Anxiety affects different parts of the body and the best way to tackle anxiety is by using prescribed medications and making lifestyle changes. To treat your anxiety you can Buy Valium (Diazepam) because anxiety directly affects your body parts and systems are listed below:

Central nervous system

When a person is suffering from chronic anxiety, the brain releases a stress hormone regularly that can cause problems in the central nervous system. It can cause a person to feel depressed and may also cause headaches. It is evident that the long term release of the stress hormone can cause issues in the CNS as the long term exposure to cholesterol can result in the increase in body mass.

Cardiovascular system

Anxiety and stress disorder can cause chest pain and may also cause rapid increase in the heart rate. This may expose the person to problems such as blood pressure and heart diseases.

System of excretory and digestive excretion

Anxiety affects the digestive system as well. You may feel nausea, stomach ache and diarrhea when you are facing anxiety bouts. In some cases, patients have also suffered loss of appetite.

Immune system

Tension can trigger your flight-or-battle pressure reaction and discharge a surge of synthetics and hormones, similar to adrenaline, into your framework. on the off chance that you over and again feel on edge and focused or it keeps going quite a while, your body never gets the sign to come back to ordinary working. This can debilitate your invulnerable framework, leaving you progressively powerless against viral diseases and incessant sicknesses. Additionally, your standard immunizations may not function too in the event that you have tension.

Respiratory Issues

Uneasiness causes quick, shallow relaxing. In the event that you have ceaseless obstructive aspiratory sickness (COPD), you might be at an expanded danger of hospitalization from tension related complexities. Uneasiness can likewise aggravate asthma manifestations.


Lightheadedness and headaches may occur when a person is suffering from anxiety.

Soreness in Muscles

When a person suffers from chronic anxiety, the central nervous system and muscles are affected and a person may feel soreness in the muscles.


A person may feel insomniac when he/she is suffering from anxiety and stress. This can affect the entire body.


Depression can be caused by anxiety and when a person is suffering from depression, this may cause many issues in the body such as mood swings and loss of appetite.

Body Stiffness

In cases of severe anxiety and in the events of social anxiety, a person may also feel stiffness in the body. This is caused by irregular blood flow in the body and this is when you will need immediate medical attention.

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